Your little one will be loved and nurtured by our infant teachers and benefit from planned activities that encourage your child’s cognitive, physical and social development, like singing, interactive play and reading. Our infant rooms feature toys, furniture and equipment that will help your child explore, learn and grow.

Our daily sheets also provide you peace of mind with details of your child’s daily schedule of bottles, naps, diaper changes and feedings.

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Toddlers are on the go and gaining independence as they grow from infancy. During this important transitional stage, our teachers will help your toddler learn to walk, develop language skills, solve problems and learn social skills through positive reinforcement.


At ‚ÄčLearn & Grow Daycare Center, we’ve replaced the ‘Terrible Twos’ with the ‘Terrific Twos’! Our curriculum helps your two-year-old develop his/her emotional, physical, and social skills. There is never a dull moment in our two’s classroom as our teachers continually educate and entertain your children.

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Preschool & Pre-K

Three Years Old

Our three years old program begins to develop your child’s educational future by exploring math, science, language arts, social interactions, and creativity. In addition to classroom instruction, our three-year-old teachers focus on manners, respect, and cooperation.

Four Years Old:

Learn & Grow Daycare Center’s goal for its Pre-K program is to prepare your child for kindergarten so they will shine in ‘big school’! Our teacher’s daily instruction and educational curriculum continue to build on academic, social, and emotional skills in a fun, interactive environment. There is also plenty of time for outdoor play and exercise with their friends to build strong bodies and motor skills.

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