Mrs. Queen Madu (CEO.)

About us

Learn & Grow Daycare Center LLC strives to become the most well known and reputable service provider in the Delaware County area, with a targeted focus on Safety, Enrichment and Comfort. Quality childcare is a key issue for working parents and has now become the top priority for the State of Pennsylvania.

Learn & Grow is operated by qualified and experienced teachers, assistant teachers and it’s  founder, Mrs Queen Madu who has extensive experience working with children prior to opening Learn & Grow. The center was founded based on her PASSION and LOVE for children. Mrs. Madu is a wife, a nurse, a mother of three children and have years of experience in teaching, nursing and managing capacity. At Learn & Grow Daycare Centerwe continually work to provide the most well-balanced daycare schedule possible for the children. Everyday is a mix of lesson time and free play with a weekly theme, generally a number or letter. Most children arrive between 6am to 9am. The early arrivals eat breakfast at the facility and then engage in free play as the other children arrives and join them. All foods and snacks served meets the guidelines set forth by the State of Pennsylvania’s child and adult food program.

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Learn & Grow Daycare Center LLC is a center for creative and independent thinkers and also an exciting place where children explore the rich possibilities of childhood. Our mission is to provide the highest quality childcare services to children in our broader community.

Our Vision

We have a genuine vision for early childhood education with clear ethical standpoints and philosophies. We are constantly researching and experimenting with new innovative ideas to ensure best quality practice. We are here to provide quality childcare that is acc​essible, affordable and can accommodate families’ diverse care needs. A place where children are well nurtured, encouraged to Learn, Grow and develop. Our programs are delivered by caring and qualified staffs who compensated commensurate with their education training and expertise. We are dedicated to creating irresistible play-based learning environments for young children and passionate about seeing all children as competent, capable, creative, responsible, resourceful and resilient.


Our philosophy is continually evolving to reflect the needs of our children, families and the community and being a contemporary leader in early childhood education in Delaware County.
Learn & Grow Daycare Center LLC is warm, caring, welcoming and get to know each child and family very well.
We help our children learn how to play, work together, and make friends.
We plan activities so that all children can join in.
We include every child’s family, language, and culture in the program.


Infants: 6 months – 1 year old

Young toddlers: 1-2 years old

Older Toddlers: 2-3 years old

Preschool: 4-6 years.